Joseph Milton is one of the hottest artist to hail from Dallas, Tx. Known for singles, Out of Commission, Venomous, and Miss you. In 2019 "Out of Commission" won the Georgia Shorts Film Festival Award, for "Best Music Video." On January 20th, 2020, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Joseph was the first African American to win The "Best Music Video" Award at the Chandlers International Film Festival (AZ) for "Out of Commission" In the Fall of 2020, October 10th, "Out of Commission" again won "Best music Video" award at the Forth Worth Film Festival (Tx.)

J.M. is a force to be recconed with, proven to deliver quality music time and time again. With classic projects "Shadows of A Kid" and "Vizionz" J.M. has proven his ability to create intricate and thought out bodies of art.